To avoid acne

11 to 18 years old acne problems are high. Boys have acne levels or intensity more. Acne is the name of panic for many people. There is no need for medical treatment at all. In many cases naturally acne gets better and there is nothing to worry about its stain. The medical needs of those acne that may have a hole in the skin after drying. And those who have a lot of acne, they should consult specialist doctors.
Masuda Khatun, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Disease Department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, said there could be two types of problems from acne. One is the stain, the other is a wound. Acne scars gradually become acne after it has gone slowly. Cream can be used to remove stains if the stain does not go away. Excessive sunlight and warming may cause acne.

Who is more and why?
The disease begins in adolescence. Between 11 and 20 year-olds, this disease is more visible. It can be said, it is the disease of teenager Many have suffered from this disease for many years. After 20 years, the disease decreased. However, for some girls, this disease can be seen by the age of 30. There is a sudden increase in males or feminine hormones in adolescence, which in turn leads to the excretion of the specialty of the Sebaceum glands in the skin. This oil can not come out, if the way out is faulty. So the oil started to grow inside the gland. Once the jaundate was broken, the glandata burst. As a result the oil spreads around the surrounding tissues. Then the bacteria breaks the oil and creates fatty acids in the tissues. These fatty acids create inflammation within the skin. This results in the formation of acne in the skin, which is known as acne.
Why are the older ones less acne?
Immediately after puberty, that means the balance of hormonal imbalance is established. The amount of service is made in standard quantity. The resulting acne is made of less. During the menstrual cycle, there are some changes in the body’s hormone. It may have acne problem for a long time. Acne problems can be controlled to a large extent, if the food is clean, eat less of the teaspoon food, more vegetables are being more aware of it.
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Daily practice to prevent acne
The skin should be kept clean. The face must be cleaned out from the outside with soap or face. Some soapers are helpful in preventing acne. You can use this type of soap with the doctor’s advice.
Never bite acne with acne. This is more likely to cause stains.
* Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
Drink plenty of water.
* Regularly need adequate sleep. As an insomnia increases acne * trends, as well as acne due to excessive sleep.
Try to lead a troubled life.

What to do if you have acne
* Avoid sunlight
* Do not use oiled cream or foundation.
* Do not touch acne. Do not insert acne.
* Do not give oil to the hair in such a way that the face becomes in oil.
* To reduce the consumption of chocolate, ice cream and other fast food with oily fiber, fried foods.

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Consult the doctor before taking any medicines in acne. According to the prescription, medication may take two or three months. As well as cream, gel or lotion can be used. Different creams are available for use in the evening or at night. Due to excessive use of these creams, many side effects can occur