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In the summer, water empties into the human body, because of heavy sweating, the body goes out of the body. This has caused people to be constantly sick. But being aware of this, if some foods are kept on regular food in the summer, they are expected to get some relief.

summer heat

We wish you good health in this summer. As a result of sweating, you get water out of your body, so you get more cold, water and add water to your body. But in this case, you have to take precautions, you must eat chemical and formalin free foods.Working in Summer Soulda or A Bit SomeTeus. Beacause, so much time is the Temperatures of Nature 2 Very High. Is it good, so little a little liquid is its cold food.

summer hot

Avoid the foods that you eat in summe

Here is a list of foods that should be avoided.

Cow meat: Cow meat produces a lot of temperature in our body. Besides, cholesterol growth, high blood pressure problems are also there. Cow meat produces more sweat. It creates dehydration in the body. Then the body became ill.

Extra Spicy Foods: Spicy foods make our body temperature very high. It also causes our digestive problems. So in this summer we should eat as little spicy food as possible.

Fast food: There is too much oil in fast food. Playing hot oil takes more heat. There are also many fast food that absorbs our body’s water. As a result, we became dehydrated in this summer.

Extra Tea and Coffee: Many have a habit of eating a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or in the afternoon. But drinking tea or coffee outside of the summer is not good for the body. Tea or coffee caffeine dehydrates the body. Even in this we feel ill with excess heat.

The food is necessary to control the heat

1. Taking excess oil
2. Fried foods in underwater oil
3. Ghee, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, fast food
4. Colddrinks
5. Polao, Kachchi, Cows and Kashir Meat
6. Roasted food
7. Extra sweet food
8. Extra hot and cold food.

Excluding them, the body is cool

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