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* Keep a bottle of water in the bag when outdoors.

* Keep the thermoplastic for cold water. Orosaline can also be confused.

* Keep an umbrella or caps.

* Thin cloth napkins and wet tissues.

* Body spray

The heat is unbearable. What is the way now? The summer is not going to be missed this moment. It will be hot for a few more days. The weather forecast is also saying. Everything is boring in fierce heat. The clothes are soaked in sweat. Hair is glue. Acne occurs in the face. And among these, there are many diseases of the disease. So if you live in the summer, you will find comfort, experts say.

The skin problem that is most likely to be seen in this time is sunburn or sunburn. 20 minutes before sunrise on the face and neck. Then put a little powder on the face and face will not show in oil. Children should use sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 if they go out in the sun. However, the use of acetic acid can increase the use of oily skin. In this case, use umbrella to save skin from sunlight. Boys go out after caps. Tomato juice or watermelon juice came out from the outside and washed away the burning sensation of sunburn. These suggestions are given by Ayurvedic philosopher Rahima Sultana. He filled the juice of watermelon in the ice box and kept it cool. Come out from the mouth and rub it on the face. It will also work on good clencers. Always keep the skin clean. Give the cold water to the mouth a little later. When the skin becomes warm, the loin cloth opens and it easily gets stuck in the stomach. Use all the cosmetics that control skin oil during this time to avoid oily skin and acne.psskin tips

Summer hair should be shampoo every day. If the oil is washed in an hour, then it is better. In dew, dirt often appears like a gutter on the head skin. To keep skin good, you can take a bath with boiled water, including a few drops of water a few days a week. Before the end of the bath, four to five mugs of Nimpata, boiled water will be mixed in the bath water

How should this summer heat makeup? The question was asked to makeup artist Bapan Rahman. She asked to complete the work in Kajal, Mascara, Matt Lipstick and Compound Powder for the daily. It is said that all these cosmetics should be used during this time. Lipstick, eyeshadow should be all matte and light colors. Find out the type of skin before makeup. Choose cosmetics to understand the skin.
Wash face before adding face powder. Take a piece of ice and rub the face and neck. The loin cloth will be closed, sweat will be reduced. Now, a cottage can be said to absorb the essence astringent and mouth and neck. It controls oil. Then apply the matte foundation or compact powder lightly. If you do not need the foundation. At this time, the Mineral Compact Powder for makeup will work better. It will be wise to keep the hair tight

Cookist Sitara Ferdous said, “If you are conscious of eating food everyday, it is always good to eat.” At this time it is necessary to know which foods are right, which is not right. There will be plenty of water and Panjabi food to eat. Fresh sarabat, dub, cucumber, ground, melon, lime, mint food will keep the stomach cold. Belly Sharbat will keep the stomach cold. If you can not get sugarcane sugarcane, you can drink sugarcane with sugarcane molasses. In the vegetables, you will eat more quantity of shrimp, dhrupal, cauliflower Cows and khasi plays heat in the heat. Shing, Magur, Shol Fish and chicken can eat. Sprinkle less spices. Do not forget to eat fried foods. You can eat curd, chilly, corn flakes or oats. Do not eat anything cold from the outside. You will not have to rest and eat cold food. Ice t or cold coffee can also be comforted.

How to stay healthy in the summer

skin care in summer

Professor ABM Abdullah, Dean of Medical Faculty of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University advised not to leave the house if needed. When he went out in the sun, he said to keep the umbrella, hat, and thin cloth for the cover. It is better to not heat the sun’s heat directly on the skin. Trying to stay in the sun or in the sun for a long time. At this time the body sweats a lot. So the body and sodium go out from the body. To fill this deficiency, drink 3 to 4 liters of water per day. Water and sugar can be eaten with salt. If you can take saline or glucose in water, then it is better. However, diabetes patients will certainly avoid glucose and normal saline. The incidence of water borne disease increased greatly. Drinks on the street can not be completely eaten. Drink pure water. Applying body spray is not good on the skin. Fitkee can be used as an alternative to deodorant. If you feel embarrassed, shower twice a day with cold water.

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