Male Skin Care Tips

Maloe Skin care before sleeping. Men’s skin care is not taken care of in our everyday life. Due to work, dust, black smoke in the street, the heat of the heat, at the end of the house it is left to be surprised to be surprised by the mirror’s own appearance. The face of the black tint and the brightness of the face is lost.

Cucumber acts as a very useful ingredient to naturally brighten the skin. Before washing your face every day, after brushing your head, take a shower of 15 to 20 minutes to scrub the face. The skin in use every day is very clear. Apart from this, chestnut juice also acts as a natural herb of skin.

Make a paste of raw milk mixed with one spoon of raw turmeric and apply it thoroughly. The raw yellow retains the softness of the skin and raw milk helps to make skin complexes stronger.

Elovera has a lot of antioxidant in the zelo which is very beneficial to repair cracked skin. 1 to 2 hours a week, Eloquera jelo face face wash for a while and wash your face. It makes the skin brighter by removing dead skin cellsmale skin care

Normal and Dry skin

To clean such skin, skin-friendly cleaning gel or foam should be used. The skin will remain soft and smooth. Mention the skin lightly with the skin. Then remove with wet cotton. Using wet cotton will keep the skin moisturizer well.

Toning, after the cleanser. Apply a skin toner with wet cotton. You can also use rose water instead of toner. After toning, massage with a cream of cream or cream. If the skin is more dry, then apply light moisturizing lotion after adding the cream, otherwise the moisturizer should not be applied.

Sensitive Skin
If you have acne problem on the skin, it is better to use a pediatric soap or clencer. Keep your skin framed by removing excess oil of the skin. You can also keep Chandnabata all night to reduce acne. You can put salicylic acid in the cream. However, skin tension can be seen. In that case, Elovers can lighten the prison in full face. Clay macks can also be applied. Should not wash the face with very cold or hot water. After cleaning your face, wash your face with water well. Especially if the skin is oily, then wash the face thoroughly with water. If the skin is dry, do not use aloe vera, lemonade soap. If there is acne on the skin, it is better to not do anything directly on the lemon.
Oily and mixed skin
For this type of skin, clean wellness lotion or cleanings milk, remove the face with wet cotton after planting well. You can use non-soaped clencers or facewash. Face to face with a face like Saban. Then wash it with water. Then add toner or astringent. It is better not to use oily skin on oily skin. Because the skin may become more oily and the lymphoma can be blocked. You can put light moisturizer. You can also use dry cream on dry skin in mixed skin.