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Hair skin care for going around

Come on, do not go unknowingly … This is because when you’re out of your habit No one is asking to pull the interest in that interest, but in the same way, after a few days of roaming, the dry hair and dirty skin that has returned home, will have to find out the method of survival, or not?

going around

Going around the whole day to stay busy is to stay busy. As a result, too much care can not be given to skin and hair. So after returning twelve skin and hair. Harmony Spur Ayurvedic Morphologist Rahima Sultana said, many times the skin becomes dull in dusty clouds when they go outdoors. There are many rashes in the dust in the sun. Again there is a problem of burning someone else’s skin. For that, you have to be accompanied by Moisacharizer, Sunscreen, Day Night Cream. If the excursion is too long, then take a scrubber. But there is no need to use scrubber more than a day in the week. Keep in mind, do not let the sunlight go straight on the skin when it is rotating. In that case you can keep an umbrella or a hat. Around the day, you need to put a moisturizer to clear the face during the night. Alongside the journey, you will have to drink lots of water, coconut water, fruit, fruit salad.
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The skin should be looked at as well as hair. Tanjima Sharmin, a fashionist, said about hair care. He said, due to the change in weather and water, hair becomes rough when traveling. Due to the busyness of the hair, it is not possible to take extra care of the hair. Take shampoo, conditioner and oil with tour to bring solutions. Shampoo will be kept with the oil for one hour. Conditioner should be used after shampoo. That’s right, it’ll be there.
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But not only dirt or drying, anyone’s skin burns in the sun or the rash is out in the dust. Disease specialist Professor Syed Afzalul Karim explained the solutions. He said, the problems arise out of air, dust and sunshine. Try it, do not look like this on the skin directly. She will wear a bushy dress for that. Sunscreen to use. Certain sunscreen must be taken to the water. The effect of the water in the water is doubled. The winter and the summer sunscreen are different and its efficacy does not last for more than three hours. Apply at least 35 plus sunscreen to ten minutes before sunrise. To live from dust and direct air, apply moisturizing cream to the open area of ​​the body. It is better not to use excess soap to clean the skin while traveling. Meanwhile, if the sun burns on the skin, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream. If you have excessive irritation, you should then give moisturizing cream with water on the skin. Morning steroid cream can also be given to Sunburn. This problem will be solved if you use it for two to three days in a day. However, if the skin falls on the skin, then the expert doctor should consult.
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