Foot odor solution

It is possible to avoid stomach ache if properly taken care of the feet. There may be stomach due to various reasons. But if the foot is stomach, it can also smell the feet, besides the fungus attack. There are many types of germs on the legs, so it needs to be kept clean. From the sweat of the feet, it can spread bad breath.

In winter, girls prefer jackets or shoes over light chapals. But after opening the shoes with a hazard, the shoes were opened. Many people have bad stomach. With the smell of myself, everyone around the neighborhood got annoyed. What is embarrassing situation for all. And so many people wear sandals despite the reluctance of shoes or socks.


Foot odor solution

It is possible to avoid bad smell when it is so little taken care of the feet. Without proper care, the legs will be refreshing. Tanjima Sharmin said that in winter, boys need a little extra care in the legs. Because many people do not want to put more water on this occasion. Besides, due to the weather this time the skin is cracked if the skin is cracked. Sweat with stomach on the legs.

Out of the boys get more dirt in the feet. The ankle of the feet is easily broken. If you do not clean the nails, there may be bacterial infection on the stomach and your nails can be easily broken. Be careful so that the toes should be careful. For this reason, pedicure should be done at least twice a month. There are several types of foot massage. Olive oil and lotion are used in nails, finger cleaning, toe ankle etc. Pedicure dead skin is easily removed. Tanzima Sharmin said that olive oil or glycerine should be used when the skin is dry. If there is no air in the air, there is a smell in the ghee. Therefore, we should look at it at the time of buying shoes.

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To prevent sweating

Be conscious of the use of socks on those who have bad stomach. Good use of soft socks that move in the air. Let the socks dry regularly and dry. Shoes can dry up in the sun. Put shoes in the open space. It is better to not wear old sandals. The sweat-resistant lotion is available in the market, it can also be used.