Body itching solutions

Body itching is not a new problem. The body may cause itching for various reasons. Many times our hands, legs, and back itching. It can be without any physical illness, which is a bacterial attack that we can get rid of in the hair. However, there are some types of itching, such as allergies, mosquito bites, or any insect bites, bacterial infections in the body, and if it has a hand on your feet, it is irritated during drying. And in these problems, it is not easy to get relief by the hands. If there is more problems, doctors should be shown or treated in a domestic way. So, to get rid of any itching, you can take help from some of the natural things. Let’s know, about things and their use.


The lemon-rich lemon extracted easily in vitamin C. Especially lemon volatile oil helps in the removal of any kind of itching of the body. Cut the lemon into pieces and you will see itching in the place of the itching for some time

Petrollium Jelly

If your skin is too weak, you can easily use petroleum jelly because there is no reverse reaction and this jelly does not have any toxic substances that will harm your skin. So, if any part of the body is itchy you can use petroleum jelly.



Aloe vera has plenty of moisturizing power. And it is very good for our skin. If you have itching on any part of the body, take a piece of aloeveera cut into it and itching will leave it

Tulsi leaves

Camphor-rich Tulsi leaves help prevent burning and irritation of any type of skin irritation. Wash with a few tbsp of leaves and then grind the leaves for some time after it has itching. Or boil some weeds with boiled water and fry it in the itch region.