Acne’s wrong idea

Beautiful acne is a poisonous boil like mouth. Excessive abuse of emerging age. There are thousands of misconceptions about acne. Let’s know these misconceptions.
Many people think that gram burns more than acne increases. Someone says that eating oily foods leads to acne. Beef Whites, meat shrimp, eating out.acne free

But the main thing is that these foods have no relation with acne. Foods rich in frozen or cholesterol can be excluded as part of proper eating habits.
However, it has no role in controlling acne. As a general rule, for any good cause of the skin, vegetables should be consumed with rich vegetables and vitamins (especially Vitamin C, A and E).
Many people think that drinking a lot of water reduces acne is also a common misconception. Acne does not have any relation with drinking enough water. Every day 2 liters of water is enough for the body. There is no additional benefit of excess water.

The idea of ​​acne caused by constipation is not correct. Many people think that acne has no relation with constipation. This is also a common misconception. There are many diseases related to constipation but there is no acne. Actually acne is a type of hormonal problem. It is found that acne occurs after a certain age. Boy: An important reason for acne acne is not more than the oil gland in the skin.

However, there are some other related issues. For example, a type of bacteria called propinobacterium. Bacterial infection increases with nail biting. Hair dandruff, skin dirt is sometimes caused by acne. Acne causes of various steroid creams or market-based color fursive creams. So if acne does not fall into the wrong tips. Consult an experienced physician