Acne Preventing Mask

More and more people suffer from acne problems. Many times when the acne decreases, the spots remain right. Find out some masks to remove Acne Scars.

* 1 tablespoon coffee powder and half table spoons of honey in a bowl will be mixed together and face with a clean face. After 15 minutes, scrubbing will be washed with cold water. Coffee powder helps remove the skin from our mouth and remove acne marks. In the honey pimple fight with bacteria. There is also a natural bleaching agent in honey, which removes acne scars.
*Half table spoon sweet almond oil and lemon juice mixed well and it will be applied to the face skin. After 30 minutes have to be washed with water. There is a Skin Lightening Agent in V. Lemon Rice, which removes dryness and acne scars of Sweet Almond Oil Skin, which helps to lighten acne scars.
skin mask
* Mix one teaspoon of sandalwood powder, half teaspoon of rose leaves in a bowl. You can add glycerin to your skin Dry Skin. Put this mixture in the mouth for 20 minutes and wash it. The moon has anti-microbial which removes acne scars. It makes skin bright. The pink screen balances the PH level of the screen.
Take out a pulp of a tomato. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey. Place this mixture on acne scars and keep it all night. Wash in the morning.
Use these masks for 2-3 days a week. Clear the face before using the masks. Use toner and moisturizer after using masks.

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