Young and beautiful

young and beautiful: Who does not want to be young! We have to go through a period of time to get older. Many say that the mind is fresh and not the age factor. But if I can follow some rules from eating habits in every day, then I can be more young now. Youth is the only time for everyone. If you want to follow some of the rules, you may have an Evergreen young Here are a few tips for keeping young youth in front of you.Whether we are old and young, there is no end to grief in front of a mirror. Even if the body is good, standing in front of the mirror is one of our only regret. If I could have been more young.

young living

1. Try to slow down a few months and wake up to eat four glasses of water in the morning. After that go to the bathroom.

2. Come back to the bathroom and drink a glass of water and after that Khan is a very light cup of tea without milk. If your weight is high then leave sugar intake. Tea never eat extra hot.

3. Eat excess water of 8 to 12 glasses a day. Eat at least four cups of color tea a day.

4. The name of drinking water is hydrotherapy therapy. Basically this is about 5,500 years old Indian medical treatment. Modern scientific experiments have proved that there are about 36 types of diseases that do not occur if they go from sleep and gradually consume four glasses of water.

5. On the other hand, milkless and milk-sugar-thin light tea is a Chinese herbal medicine two and a half thousand years ago. In the meantime, this tea was treated with heart, blood pressure (high blood pressure) and abdominal disorders. Again, modern scientific analysis shows that the ant is an antioxidant, which contributes to the prevention of cancer. Apart from this, there are many other varieties of tea. However, the tea quality that is not processed, the quality of tea is better than the quality.


6. Vitamin C is a multiplication of the benefits of a revolutionary diet. It is known that people are still young for playing 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. But playing tablets does not help anything. Fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C should be eaten every day. Vitamin CO helps prevent cancer. Amalaki, all kinds of lemon, tomatoes, orange, guava, sour taste, and various types of Vitamin C are available.

7. Quit smoking of all kinds of addictions, including smoking. Because the addiction destroys man in every direction.

8. Redmeat means meat, buffalo, khasi, sheep etc. should be left to eat. The firm’s chicken will not work. Only lean chicken can be eaten meat.

young practice

9. There should be plenty of semi-boiled vegetables, vegetables, and very small amounts of rice and bread.
Do not eat grill. Do not eat excess oil, fat, ghee, butter. Spices have several herbal qualities, but do not use too much spice in the cooking.

10. Eat as much salad as raw salad leaf, lettuce leaves, mint leaves, tomatoes etc.

11. If there is no restriction, eat one spoon honey in the empty stomach in the morning.


12. For adults, cows, goats, buffalo milk are unnecessary, very harmful.

13. Eat small and large fish. It is very good if you can practice eating fish in the sea. Because, it’s anemia. It is not good to eat straw and fish. It may be stomach stony.

14. Sunflower flower seeds are herbal medicines. Using sunflower oil in cooking helps to cure heart problems, as well as to treat heart disease.

15. Practice eating a little bit of yogurt daily. Talk yogurt helps control high blood pressure.