olive oil for skin and hair

The hair and skin care of the olive oil pair in winter with care. Not only for dry and normal skin, this oil is equally effective for oily skin.

Shahina Afrin, a synthesizer of Herbs Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Clinic, said that the olive oil magician’s powers are also caring for her hair. To understand the type of skin, olive oil should be used. Some packs, scrubs, or moisturizers can be made in the house with olive oil. The use of these skin will be fresh and healthy.

olive oil for skin

For dry skin

Pack: They can use olive oil packs due to excess dryness due to sunburn. For this, one teaspoon of olive oil and one egg yolk and half a teaspoon of groundnut juice will be mixed with the full face. After 15 minutes the face will be washed thoroughly. This pack will help to increase the brightness of the skin for three to four days a week.

Scrabber: Take two tablespoons of coffee, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and half a tablespoon of olive oil and mix it well. Use this scrabber for 1 day a week.

Moisturizer: 1 cup aloe vera gel in 2 cups of hot water to be kept 10 to 15 minutes. Now get rid of the jatatuku out of the water. In this, aloe vera bacteria die in prison. Mix aloe vera gel with 2 tablespoon olive oil, two e-caps and one tablespoon of glycerine to be blended properly. This mixture can be stored for 1 month. Those whose skin is much more dry, they will not suffer from skin dryness after using this moisturizer for three months a day.

olive oil for hair

For oily skin

Pack: Those who have oily skin, they will only use this pack in winter. It is better not to use olive oil on oily skin in summer. Tulsi leaves and mint leaves, paste 1 teaspoon of peas, 1 teaspoon of pea mashed potato, and half teaspoon of green tea and add half a teaspoon of olive oil. You can use this pack for 1 day and 15 minutes a week.

Scrabber: Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mix three tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons rice powder, and use it for 1 day 10 minutes a week.

Moisturizer is not needed on oily skin.

For normal skin

Pack: 1 teaspoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey, semi-teaspoon egg white part can be mixed together on the skin. After 15 to 20 minutes have to be washed

Moisturizer: With half a cup of olive oil, half of the half cup of glycerine and half a teaspoon of natural camphor mix it on the skin. It can be saved throughout the year.

Scrabber: Mix half a cup of sugar, half cup olive oil mixed together, and can be used as a scrabber for a week.

Hair care

Olive oil works as a very good moisturizer on the skin of the head. Those who have dry skin of their heads, they will have 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 medium sized onion, half banana, a little lentil daal, 1 teaspoon honey and blend well with blender. Then put the mixture on the palm of the head and wait for an hour. Then wash the hair thoroughly. After using it for three consecutive days wash hair shampoo.

Oily skin with which they take 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, aloe vera gel, 1 table spoon gram flour and 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder and blend well in blender. Take one to one and a half hours after shaving hair properly. Thus use it two days a week.

Beautiful skin touches the nature

Skin Tips

Winter is blowing in nature. Dry weather with dust around. The effect is on the skin. False skin is becoming rough, dying, lifeless. Besides, the skin is losing its skin due to black skin, rashes, rashes, sunburn and dead skin. For the sake of excess skin care in winter. It is possible to keep the skin beautiful during natural or herbal ingredients.

skin herbal

There is no harmful substance in herbal ingredients. These are available at hand. As a result, using these ingredients can easily keep the skin safe and beautiful. This is what Ayurvedic philosopher Rahima Sultana said. According to the nature of the skin, the rules of the use of some herbal ingredients.

Oily skin
 One tablespoon of tomato paste with two tablespoons of mustard paste, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey together mix well and after 20 minutes, light mildew should be washed in water.
 Mix one teaspoon of aloe vera (aloe vera), one teaspoon nut oil and two vitamins ‘E’ cap together and keep them face-to-face and wash them thoroughly after leaving 15 to 20 minutes. These components will remove the skin’s oily skin and keep the skin smooth.

skin herbs

Dry skin
 Mix one teaspoon of milk, one teaspoon of kalashan paste, half a teaspoon of raw turmeric mixed together and after 20 minutes, wash the face in the kusum hot water. It makes the skin bright from the deep and works very well as a moisturizer.
 Put the rose petals in a bowl of 2 teaspoons, honey with 1 teaspoon and the amount of raw milk. It helps keep the skin soft and smooth with increasing skin brightness.

Normal skin
Take one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one table spoon of coconut oil, and half-table spoons of coconut oil together after a normal skin. Wash it after 20 minutes. These ingredients increase the brightness by removing the sunburn in the skin.
Take a table spoon of ripe banana, lemon juice, three-four drops, and raw milk in large quantity. If the skin is tilted, wash it in hot water. These ingredients help clean the skin deeper and reduce black tissue stains.

Winter skin care
Regarding skin care in winter, Harbin’s skin specialist, Afrin Mousumi, said that during this season the skin becomes much more vulnerable. For this reason special care. Regularly clean the skin, scrubbing it carefully. Then use a pack as per the type of skin. Only then can the skin be fully cared for and necessary components. Some rules also say.
skin herbs

Additional dry skin care
First, clean the skin well. Now add one teaspoon of rice peel or mung dal, one teaspoon of rice powder, and quantity of milk, turn the whole face for two minutes and gently wash it with water.
Then, after mixing an egg yolk, a teaspoon of almond oil, a teaspoon of milk, and a few teaspoons of water, mix well with water and wash it in 15 to 20 minutes. Its use will reduce the dryness of the skin to smooth and soften the skin.

Oily skin
Keep the raw milk and the juice of the juice in the amount of the amount of cotton, leaving the mouth with two or three minutes after washing the skin and wash it in the water.

Pack: White part of the egg, half a tablespoon of the land of Maltani, a pinch of camphor, mixed with a few drops of coconut oil and washed in a few minutes after washing it all the time.

Mixed skin
The juice of mint leaves will be prepared before the refrigerator. Before cleaning the face, apply a few drops of lemon juice and wash it after two minutes. As the skin clears, so the skin’s brightness will increase.
Pack: First of all, take out the gauntakumari gel and mix it in boiling water and keep it in the refrigerator. Then mix it with a tablespoon of pea or mung dal, one tablespoon and three drops of T-tree mixed with a face after washing it after a specific time. It will make the skin bright by adding stains to the face.

Normal skin
Make a tablespoon of coconut oil, half a teaspoon of camphor oil, a few drops of lemon juice and mix it thoroughly.

Pack: After grinding sandalwood milk, it should be washed with a few drops of raw yellow juice and after 15 minutes it will be washed.

Winter skin moisture

Winter skin moisture

The nesting of the winter is not only in Amalki dalai but it is also affecting the body. Skin is dry, white straws. Tension, skin is going to die, how much more!

winter skin

Due to low water vapor in the air in winter, the skin does not get the necessary moisture. As a result, skin of all skin becomes dry or dry. The only way to protect it is to use a moisturizer or lotion; Harvester’s skin care specialist, Afrin Mousumi, who said that the skin turns moisturizes the skin, is vivid and vibrant. Vitamins, oils, drinks and lotions in the lotion or moisturizer keep the skin balance with nature, by providing proper nutrition to the skin. Seasonal Afrin further said how the lace should be used on the skin.

Excess dry skin

To maintain moisture on excess dry skin, oil and vitamin ‘E’ heavy lotion will be used. So that the dryness of the skin decreases and the refreshing skin

Oily skin

Oily skin should be used with lotions. Its use will not shine on the skin. Quick skin absorbs it neatly. When using lotion on this type of skin, be careful not to have any type of alcohol in the lotion content. This may cause skin problems.

General skin

Glycerinated lotion should be used on normal skin. The skin will help keep the skin moist and keep it smooth.

You can also make your skin-friendly moisturizer, as well as buy a lotion or moisturizer in the market. For this, two table spoons of grapes in a cup whistle gel, glycerin, semi-cup, bistle water, and three-packed rosepowder together will be mixed together on your face and face. This moisturizer will provide protection against all types of skin. Take out a cup of coconut with hot water and milk it. Now the stove will be enhanced for two minutes. Add one half cup of glycerine and a little lemon peel and mix it together in a dish. If you want, two Vitamin ‘E’ capsules can be mixed with it.

They can use this moisturizer in the winter to break their hands and feet. Use one cup of dense glycerine mixed with 4 tablespoons of apple sider vinegar and ample pink. Prevent pain in hand and foot, along with sunburn, remove dark spots. Lotion or moisturizers provide skin protection by keeping the skin enzymes in place. Afrin Season feels that lotion should be used while bathing or after washing the face every time the skin is wet.

Going around hair-skin care

Hair skin care for going around

Come on, do not go unknowingly … This is because when you’re out of your habit No one is asking to pull the interest in that interest, but in the same way, after a few days of roaming, the dry hair and dirty skin that has returned home, will have to find out the method of survival, or not?

going around

Going around the whole day to stay busy is to stay busy. As a result, too much care can not be given to skin and hair. So after returning twelve skin and hair. Harmony Spur Ayurvedic Morphologist Rahima Sultana said, many times the skin becomes dull in dusty clouds when they go outdoors. There are many rashes in the dust in the sun. Again there is a problem of burning someone else’s skin. For that, you have to be accompanied by Moisacharizer, Sunscreen, Day Night Cream. If the excursion is too long, then take a scrubber. But there is no need to use scrubber more than a day in the week. Keep in mind, do not let the sunlight go straight on the skin when it is rotating. In that case you can keep an umbrella or a hat. Around the day, you need to put a moisturizer to clear the face during the night. Alongside the journey, you will have to drink lots of water, coconut water, fruit, fruit salad.

going abroad

The skin should be looked at as well as hair. Tanjima Sharmin, a fashionist, said about hair care. He said, due to the change in weather and water, hair becomes rough when traveling. Due to the busyness of the hair, it is not possible to take extra care of the hair. Take shampoo, conditioner and oil with tour to bring solutions. Shampoo will be kept with the oil for one hour. Conditioner should be used after shampoo. That’s right, it’ll be there.

self care

But not only dirt or drying, anyone’s skin burns in the sun or the rash is out in the dust. Disease specialist Professor Syed Afzalul Karim explained the solutions. He said, the problems arise out of air, dust and sunshine. Try it, do not look like this on the skin directly. She will wear a bushy dress for that. Sunscreen to use. Certain sunscreen must be taken to the water. The effect of the water in the water is doubled. The winter and the summer sunscreen are different and its efficacy does not last for more than three hours. Apply at least 35 plus sunscreen to ten minutes before sunrise. To live from dust and direct air, apply moisturizing cream to the open area of ​​the body. It is better not to use excess soap to clean the skin while traveling. Meanwhile, if the sun burns on the skin, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream. If you have excessive irritation, you should then give moisturizing cream with water on the skin. Morning steroid cream can also be given to Sunburn. This problem will be solved if you use it for two to three days in a day. However, if the skin falls on the skin, then the expert doctor should consult.
Small problems are solved

Acne’s wrong idea

Beautiful acne is a poisonous boil like mouth. Excessive abuse of emerging age. There are thousands of misconceptions about acne. Let’s know these misconceptions.
Many people think that gram burns more than acne increases. Someone says that eating oily foods leads to acne. Beef Whites, meat shrimp, eating out.acne free

But the main thing is that these foods have no relation with acne. Foods rich in frozen or cholesterol can be excluded as part of proper eating habits.
However, it has no role in controlling acne. As a general rule, for any good cause of the skin, vegetables should be consumed with rich vegetables and vitamins (especially Vitamin C, A and E).
Many people think that drinking a lot of water reduces acne is also a common misconception. Acne does not have any relation with drinking enough water. Every day 2 liters of water is enough for the body. There is no additional benefit of excess water.

The idea of ​​acne caused by constipation is not correct. Many people think that acne has no relation with constipation. This is also a common misconception. There are many diseases related to constipation but there is no acne. Actually acne is a type of hormonal problem. It is found that acne occurs after a certain age. Boy: An important reason for acne acne is not more than the oil gland in the skin.

However, there are some other related issues. For example, a type of bacteria called propinobacterium. Bacterial infection increases with nail biting. Hair dandruff, skin dirt is sometimes caused by acne. Acne causes of various steroid creams or market-based color fursive creams. So if acne does not fall into the wrong tips. Consult an experienced physician

Harmful Habits for Health

Some bad habit is harmful for health. It gives a list of these harmful habits. Try to avoid them.

We sometimes get tired by nervous pressure. Then we do all those things that stand in practice. Nervous habit is said to be correct, they will be called. They themselves become annoying and even close to four people. Exposure to some neurological or unexplained hypertension can actually lead to health. Experts have seen, nail-biting, hair removal, and other such harmless practices can actually lead to health risks.

Harmful Practices for Breast

Nail biting:

A picture of fear can bite the nails by looking at the photo gallery, but if you have regular practice of nail biting then it can damage the nails and the surrounding skin. Said New York City’s skin specialist Dr. Michael Shapiro. Bacteria can be transmitted from the mouth to the skin, even on the skin may be shifted to similar to the mouth. Dr. Shapiro said that under the nails, the disease can be bacterial in the face, in the mouth and throat infection. Nails may be discouraged from biting nails on the ring.

Hair twisting and stretching:


There is a lot of damage to hair in the beginning of hair. Dr. Ariel Ostad, another skin specialist in New York, In this case, some places may become inaccessible. It may even be infection. Dr. Osted said that hair loss can lead to signs of mental illness. Medical science says,Trichotillomania. This requires treatment with psychotherapy and medicines.
Suddenly the neck knocked down:
There is a sudden sound. If the neck is exposed on the one hand, the gases that are formed between the vertebrae spray gas and the photographer voices. Although it feels comfortable, the relics of the surrounding environment can be overwhelmed by the twists of the neck. As a result, the probability of damage increases. Similarly, Florida’s orthopedic surgeon Dr Michael Glibber It may also be decayed due to excessive bite of bite. Problems like atherithes in the context. In rare cases, it can be repeated in the neck of the stoke.
If you face repeated face:
face hand

If you touch the mouth repeatedly or acne on the skin, then the upper level of the skin is damaged. Said the physician, Jessica Crani. If bleeding is done, permanent scarring of the skin is made. It is not okay to scrub an acne or at the spot where it is heated. It is better to apply cream or moisturizer in gently.

Grind teeth:

grind teeth

Tension of teeth can be a risk for mental health or tooth rubble. Tooth whitening may cause teeth to crack or cracks in the teeth, while dental repair or root canals may be needed. Jawbone can be damaged. Dental physician Justin Phillip said people tick or grind their teeth with depression. But most of the time, to be shaky tooth, toothache, or to taint properly. Orthodontic doctors may be required.
Hard candy sucking:

The hard candy chest teeth are broken into a mixture of sugar and red, the hole is made of cavity. Bacteria continue to absorb sugar, permanent deterioration of the teeth. The teeth are more damaged.

Teeth biting:

New York’s skin scientist, Whitney Bawe, has said that nicotine stimuli increases the likelihood of face-to-face chemotherapy. These enzyme ate some skin, causing dermatitis and inflammation: skin is dark color, inflammation occurs. Blisters may also occur, and even small tumor may occur.
Bite in the middle of the jaw:

Biting nails, biting inside the jaw, and nervous tension can lead to bad habit. Skin doctor Rigger said, gradually swelling inside the chest and biting and chewing easily. The habit continues after drying, gradually causing diarrhea, bleeding. Wounds can be made in many cases.


Foot odor solution

It is possible to avoid stomach ache if properly taken care of the feet. There may be stomach due to various reasons. But if the foot is stomach, it can also smell the feet, besides the fungus attack. There are many types of germs on the legs, so it needs to be kept clean. From the sweat of the feet, it can spread bad breath.

In winter, girls prefer jackets or shoes over light chapals. But after opening the shoes with a hazard, the shoes were opened. Many people have bad stomach. With the smell of myself, everyone around the neighborhood got annoyed. What is embarrassing situation for all. And so many people wear sandals despite the reluctance of shoes or socks.


Foot odor solution

It is possible to avoid bad smell when it is so little taken care of the feet. Without proper care, the legs will be refreshing. Tanjima Sharmin said that in winter, boys need a little extra care in the legs. Because many people do not want to put more water on this occasion. Besides, due to the weather this time the skin is cracked if the skin is cracked. Sweat with stomach on the legs.

Out of the boys get more dirt in the feet. The ankle of the feet is easily broken. If you do not clean the nails, there may be bacterial infection on the stomach and your nails can be easily broken. Be careful so that the toes should be careful. For this reason, pedicure should be done at least twice a month. There are several types of foot massage. Olive oil and lotion are used in nails, finger cleaning, toe ankle etc. Pedicure dead skin is easily removed. Tanzima Sharmin said that olive oil or glycerine should be used when the skin is dry. If there is no air in the air, there is a smell in the ghee. Therefore, we should look at it at the time of buying shoes.

foot 2

To prevent sweating

Be conscious of the use of socks on those who have bad stomach. Good use of soft socks that move in the air. Let the socks dry regularly and dry. Shoes can dry up in the sun. Put shoes in the open space. It is better to not wear old sandals. The sweat-resistant lotion is available in the market, it can also be used.

Warm skin and hair care

Warm skin and hair care: The intensity of sunlight and temperature increases in summer. The enemies of sunshine skin Sunlight affects the collagen of the skin Apart from this, there are many problems with acne, scariest skin. So special care of skin and hair.


  1. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before sunrise. Put the sunscreen on your face, neck and hands.
Use sunglasses and sunglasses.
Vitamin C rich cream in the summer is very good. Because Vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.
When the skin is oily, use the kinjiang gel to wash your mouth.
It is better to not use soap in your mouth.
Do not use antibacterial soap when the skin is dry.
If acne is the problem, then proper treatment.
Make regular facials.
Do the bath twice a day.
After the hair wash, dry hair in the fan air or hair dryer, dry hair.
Do not bend wet hair and use shampoo while washing hair every day if needed.
To keep skin good, drink 3 liters of water and drink a day.
Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, ginger and low-spicy cuisine.
Make a light makeup or makeup in the summer. And do not forget to wash your face after returning from outside.

Young and beautiful

young and beautiful: Who does not want to be young! We have to go through a period of time to get older. Many say that the mind is fresh and not the age factor. But if I can follow some rules from eating habits in every day, then I can be more young now. Youth is the only time for everyone. If you want to follow some of the rules, you may have an Evergreen young Here are a few tips for keeping young youth in front of you.Whether we are old and young, there is no end to grief in front of a mirror. Even if the body is good, standing in front of the mirror is one of our only regret. If I could have been more young.

young living

1. Try to slow down a few months and wake up to eat four glasses of water in the morning. After that go to the bathroom.

2. Come back to the bathroom and drink a glass of water and after that Khan is a very light cup of tea without milk. If your weight is high then leave sugar intake. Tea never eat extra hot.

3. Eat excess water of 8 to 12 glasses a day. Eat at least four cups of color tea a day.

4. The name of drinking water is hydrotherapy therapy. Basically this is about 5,500 years old Indian medical treatment. Modern scientific experiments have proved that there are about 36 types of diseases that do not occur if they go from sleep and gradually consume four glasses of water.

5. On the other hand, milkless and milk-sugar-thin light tea is a Chinese herbal medicine two and a half thousand years ago. In the meantime, this tea was treated with heart, blood pressure (high blood pressure) and abdominal disorders. Again, modern scientific analysis shows that the ant is an antioxidant, which contributes to the prevention of cancer. Apart from this, there are many other varieties of tea. However, the tea quality that is not processed, the quality of tea is better than the quality.


6. Vitamin C is a multiplication of the benefits of a revolutionary diet. It is known that people are still young for playing 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. But playing tablets does not help anything. Fresh fruits rich in Vitamin C should be eaten every day. Vitamin CO helps prevent cancer. Amalaki, all kinds of lemon, tomatoes, orange, guava, sour taste, and various types of Vitamin C are available.

7. Quit smoking of all kinds of addictions, including smoking. Because the addiction destroys man in every direction.

8. Redmeat means meat, buffalo, khasi, sheep etc. should be left to eat. The firm’s chicken will not work. Only lean chicken can be eaten meat.

young practice

9. There should be plenty of semi-boiled vegetables, vegetables, and very small amounts of rice and bread.
Do not eat grill. Do not eat excess oil, fat, ghee, butter. Spices have several herbal qualities, but do not use too much spice in the cooking.

10. Eat as much salad as raw salad leaf, lettuce leaves, mint leaves, tomatoes etc.

11. If there is no restriction, eat one spoon honey in the empty stomach in the morning.


12. For adults, cows, goats, buffalo milk are unnecessary, very harmful.

13. Eat small and large fish. It is very good if you can practice eating fish in the sea. Because, it’s anemia. It is not good to eat straw and fish. It may be stomach stony.

14. Sunflower flower seeds are herbal medicines. Using sunflower oil in cooking helps to cure heart problems, as well as to treat heart disease.

15. Practice eating a little bit of yogurt daily. Talk yogurt helps control high blood pressure.


To avoid acne

11 to 18 years old acne problems are high. Boys have acne levels or intensity more. Acne is the name of panic for many people. There is no need for medical treatment at all. In many cases naturally acne gets better and there is nothing to worry about its stain. The medical needs of those acne that may have a hole in the skin after drying. And those who have a lot of acne, they should consult specialist doctors.
Masuda Khatun, Associate Professor of Dermatology and Disease Department of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, said there could be two types of problems from acne. One is the stain, the other is a wound. Acne scars gradually become acne after it has gone slowly. Cream can be used to remove stains if the stain does not go away. Excessive sunlight and warming may cause acne.

Who is more and why?
The disease begins in adolescence. Between 11 and 20 year-olds, this disease is more visible. It can be said, it is the disease of teenager Many have suffered from this disease for many years. After 20 years, the disease decreased. However, for some girls, this disease can be seen by the age of 30. There is a sudden increase in males or feminine hormones in adolescence, which in turn leads to the excretion of the specialty of the Sebaceum glands in the skin. This oil can not come out, if the way out is faulty. So the oil started to grow inside the gland. Once the jaundate was broken, the glandata burst. As a result the oil spreads around the surrounding tissues. Then the bacteria breaks the oil and creates fatty acids in the tissues. These fatty acids create inflammation within the skin. This results in the formation of acne in the skin, which is known as acne.
Why are the older ones less acne?
Immediately after puberty, that means the balance of hormonal imbalance is established. The amount of service is made in standard quantity. The resulting acne is made of less. During the menstrual cycle, there are some changes in the body’s hormone. It may have acne problem for a long time. Acne problems can be controlled to a large extent, if the food is clean, eat less of the teaspoon food, more vegetables are being more aware of it.
pimple free

Daily practice to prevent acne
The skin should be kept clean. The face must be cleaned out from the outside with soap or face. Some soapers are helpful in preventing acne. You can use this type of soap with the doctor’s advice.
Never bite acne with acne. This is more likely to cause stains.
* Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.
Drink plenty of water.
* Regularly need adequate sleep. As an insomnia increases acne * trends, as well as acne due to excessive sleep.
Try to lead a troubled life.

What to do if you have acne
* Avoid sunlight
* Do not use oiled cream or foundation.
* Do not touch acne. Do not insert acne.
* Do not give oil to the hair in such a way that the face becomes in oil.
* To reduce the consumption of chocolate, ice cream and other fast food with oily fiber, fried foods.

acne free

Consult the doctor before taking any medicines in acne. According to the prescription, medication may take two or three months. As well as cream, gel or lotion can be used. Different creams are available for use in the evening or at night. Due to excessive use of these creams, many side effects can occur